SEO and Internet Marketing 

When someone types a keyword for what they are looking for, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! have the job to show the best possible results for their user – a...

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Tips on How to Make a Website Mobile-Friendly?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Web Design

mobile-friendly or notThere’s no doubt that at some time in the past few weeks or months you would have experienced utter frustration of trying to view a badly designed website this is not particularly mobile-friendly on your mobile. Things like impossibly small text and menus or buttons that don’t work or are simply to small for your fat fingers are all symptoms of a website that has not taken the effort to think about mobile users. It’s little wonder then that when experiencing these sorts of issues, almost all users will just leave the website and try another site that is (hopefully) a bit more friendly to mobiles.

Sadly, this is becoming an increasingly typical scenario for the majority of smartphone users. It’s not surprising as many more people are constantly on the move and only have a mobile available to connect to the Internet and view web sites. So it doesn’t matter how well you’ve optimised your site for the various search engines – your improved visitor numbers will undoubtedly go to waste if mobile visitors are forced to leave your website immediately or can’t even access it properly right from the start.

In your part as a businessman, you need to be sure that your online business presence, that is your company web site, is capable of providing your visitors with a positive user experience. If you don’t make the effort to ensure your website can cater for mobile phone users, you could lose out on a significant number of potential sales. An easy to check if your site is mobile-friendly is via an online checker.

5 Ways To Check If Your Site Is Ready For Mobile

The following are a couple of obvious signs you have to consider as warnings because they’re a potential sign that your own site requires upgrade for phone visitors.

Unattractive Style

Open your website in a smart phone and in a number of other devices so that you can inspect how your style and design shows up on different displays. If the web site looks less attractive, would seem messed up, or disorganized and complex, then it simply means you should probably reconsider modifying your current design.

Hard-to-See Words

When viewing your site on a mobile, are the words too small to read without going blind? Keep in mind that you have to get the interest of your guest within the first few seconds and also give your most important information straight away. You have no hope of capturing your visitors attention if they can’t even see the words or have an understanding of the style and design to begin with.

Low Quality Design

Whenever a website is not developed for smartphone browsing, in most cases the pictures will either not be displayed correctly or may even be lost. For example, a graphic located on your home page might be positioned incorrectly towards the lower part of the page rather than being properly located within the body of the text. In other cases, pictures or photos in your blog could even overlap or completely cover some of your important text. It’s these little design errors that signify that your website has not been designed with mobile users in mind.

Unresponsive Control Buttons

In lots of cases, websites have specific clickable buttons that are located in strategic parts of the website to encourage or promote subscriptions or memberships. Yet other sites rely on these clickable buttons to allow visitors to purchase goods or services. So imagine the impact on your business should your visitors be unable to click these buttons as the button is either too small or simply doesn’t work? Or even more frustratingly, if the button was situated in a side by side position with other similar buttons but the clicks take the visitor to the wrong pages or even other websites? All of this can make your customer feel frustated and irritated and they will just leave your site completely.

Demanding Menu

In a similar vein to the button issue, if your website uses tabs that end in very important webpages of your web site but navigation on a mobile makes it impossible to locate those webpages, then your online business will be jeopardy. Often, your customers could even find that your site is totally missing vital features or specific tabs when viewing your site via a mobile screen. So please take notice of these sorts of design issues when testing your site for mobile use.

What Can You Do To ‘Mobify’ Your Website?

Once you have determined your website is hopelessly inadequate or unsuitable for hassle-free viewing on various mobile phones, below are some approaches you can take to rectify the problem:

Make Your Layout Less Complicated

You must ‘dumb-down’ your website layout if you’d like it to become more friendly for mobiles. By following this design philosophy, the design and style will not appear confusing and navigation will be less difficult, and you’ll be able to avoid the issue of elements like illustrations or photos and control keys being in the wrong place.

Enlarge Font Size

Try to use larger font sizes on all the pages of your website. Always keep in mind that lots of people with smaller screens (and with bad eyesight) will be using their gadgets to view your website – so make it easier for them.

Shorten Tab Labeling

Wherever possible, limit the length of the labels on your current navigation bars and control buttons. This would ensure suitable look and feel of the labels which in turn will give your website a more appealing streamlined look and feel.

Only Display Important Data

If you need your website to be more friendly for mobiles, prioritise the data you want to display. Choose only the most relevant details to display above the fold or in the heart of your home-page. Consider using the most appropriate words so that your text will be brief, straightforward, and sweet.

Find A Responsive Design And Style

Trust me – everything will be sooooo much simpler if you get a responsive design theme for your internet site. These themes permit automated modifications on many different screens and will dynamically adjust the positioning of all the necessary elements of your website no matter what the dimensions of the display that is being used to view your site.

Together with your search engine optimisation efforts, be sure to stick to the above techniques for a mobile-friendly internet site!

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Why Use Social Media Marketing To Enhance Your Small Business

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Social Media

social media marketingThe current flavor of the day is of social media marketing and if utilized efficiently it could be a valuable technique for any business to advertise itself. How do you figure out if you’re not making use of social networking platforms to your best benefit?

Catch important phrases

Giving yourself a title like ‘Expert’ or ‘Master’ is going to do absolutely nothing but make you look silly, juvenile, and unskilled. When giving details about you and the business, yourself, or maybe your group or firm, you should come across as intelligent, professional, and experienced by what it really is that you do. Allow your expertise and the finished products to speak for themselves. Making use of extremely cute or pet names and silly nick names can be quite a major turn off for many people. Put your best show on immediately and always be expert and modest in the labels you select for yourself, your website, and your products and services.

Networking isn’t a top priority for you

Whatever your passions, motivations, and skills that you are possibly looking to show and promote, the odds are that there are numerous others in your area working on the same thing. Networking is critical to be able to really become successful and it is generally fairly easy to find individuals who match your own same category and interests. Do not distance yourself but rather surround and involve yourself with like-minded individuals – it could be a fantastic way to show some of your own tricks and tips, get influenced and learn from others, and by doing so help promote each other’s shops.

No communicating with supporters

When you are getting fans and followers checking you out on social networking sites it is a fantastic gift. People who go to your website, comment, leave good words, and communicate with you deserve to be heard. Consider whatever they say to heart and find out how it will help you become a lot better. After all, they’ve taken some precious time out of their pre-occupied lives to discuss ideas and thoughts with you and you also need to return the favor and listen and consider it. In social networking, the best method of advertising is word of mouth marketing and reviews from present and past customers – so never underestimate the importance of trying to interact with every website visitor you get.

Not updating frequently enough

Having a beautifully designed internet site with lots of cool stuff is not enough to reach your goals in the highly competitive social media market. There are many methods at your disposal but you need to make good use of them and become wise about how exactly you set up, run, and upgrade your social media presence. Remain connected and don’t forget that your social media lifeline depends on the people you reach and interact with.

So if you’re still on the fence and wondering about whether or not to use social media marketing for your business, watch this video for a quick update on the latest trends for 2015. Perhaps once you’ve watched this video, you’ll get off the fence and start planning your social media marketing strategy today!

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SEO and Internet Marketing 

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Search Engines, SEO

SEO and Internet Marketing 

When someone types a keyword for what they are looking for, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! have the job to show the best possible results for their user – a process called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It’s well known that higher ranked and more established websites will typically be on the top of the list and so they will have more visitors. Whilst website owners can’t pay for their website to be on top of the search list, they can pay for ads that will advertise their website resulting in a higher ranking of that website. SEO includes other types of searches such as image search, video search and others.


Search Engines use complex algorithms to determine which website is right for which user. Their system holds information about every page on the internet and their algorithms turn that information into useful search results.

The secret to higher rankings on the list of search results is that your site must contain the exact keywords that a user is searching for. It is desirable that the keyword is contained in the title of the website. Linked websites often have the advantage.

On the other hand Internet Marketing or Online Advertising is a form of marketing that is used for delivering promotional marketing messages or ads to users via Internet. Mobile advertising, e-mail marketing, web banners and search engine marketing are just a few types of Internet marketing.


Online advertising is a billion dollar industry because paid advertising is very effective.

There are two popular kinds of internet advertising options CPM and PPC.

CPM or Paid Channel Pricing Models are often display ads (visible ads such as web banners, pop-ups, floating ads) and have a fixed price per 1000 impressions. An impression is the number of times an ad has been displayed – it doesn’t have to be clicked on.

PPC or Pay Per Click are ads that are paid for only when someone actually clicks on them. They are usually text ads with a smaller picture.

After you choose the type of ad (display, mobile, e-mail ad) and type of advertising option you can choose an optimal Ad Network for your ad. Example of these are LinkedIn, Bing, Google, Facebook and other social networks.


To make your ad interesting for users you can make some kind of offer, something that will attract them to do what you want them to do, some kind of bonus or free coupon. Your ad should have an effective and interesting headline.

A great way to attract visitors to your site is of course paid advertisement, but it can become very expensive if you are not careful enough, so here are a few tips:

Only configure your ad for long tail keywords, not a head one. Head keywords are the ones mostly searched for, whilst long tail ones are the ones visitors use to find you.

Display and banner ads can be effective but they often target people who are not looking for something new. Text ads are usually more profitable than display and banner ads because of their price and the people who are targeted are likelier to become your customers.

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